An Inspired Poem: Embrace Your Inner Oddity


Sing not the song of common creed,

But let your quirks and oddities lead,

For in those twists and turns of mind,

A unique you, the world will find.

A walk that's strange, a laugh that's wild,

An imagination of a child,

Embrace these things, hold them dear,

They're what make you, you, quite clear.

What some may call your 'weird,' your 'strange,'

Is your beauty, broad in range,

A mystic dance, a vibrant flare,

An individual soul, so rare.

Let not the world your spirit tame,

Let not the masses make you same,

Your weirdness is your brightest spark,

A glow that lights the shadowed dark.

The road less traveled calls your name,

An eccentric life's never a game,

It's a journey, rich and rare,

A path that few might dare to dare.

Embrace what makes you strange and wild,

Hold fast the dreams that birthed in a child,

For in your weird, you'll find your way,

A life unlike, a bright array.

In being odd, find your delight,

Your very soul's most honest flight,

Embrace your weird with all your might,

A path lit with a different light.


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