An Inspired Poem: Being a Good Ancestor


To be a good ancestor, the legacy's seed,

Planting wisdom and hope for the yet-to-be's need,

In the soil of time, where our actions take root,

A garden awaits, where the virtues bear fruit.

A bridge to the future, our deeds and our lore,

A pathway well-lit for those on the shore,

The whispers of love, the courage we share,

Echo through ages, a song on the air.

In the dance of the seasons, the laugh of the stream,

A promise unspoken, a shared common dream,

To care for the Earth, its people and land,

To leave it more tender to the next in command.

Sow kindness and grace, let empathy grow,

Teach joy and compassion, let the young ones know,

That to be a good ancestor, sturdy and just,

Is to nurture a future they can love and trust.

With every heartbeat, each word and each deed,

We're sculpting a future from an ancient creed,

A call to be gentle, strong, humble, and wise,

To see through the next generation's eyes.

For the trees we plant now, in love and in care,

Shade generations in times we won't share,

To be a good ancestor, a beacon so bright,

Is to light the way forward through destiny's night.


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