Embracing Deep Connections


"To truly communicate is to connect to others, to feel them and be felt by them." – Janet Malcolm

This past year has been a whirlwind of inspiring milestones. My TEDx talk, Don't Check Yourself at the Door: How to Share Your True Self, has reached 2 million views, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Another highlight? The release of my latest book, Campfire Lessons for Leaders: How Uncovering Our Past Can Propel Us Forward, which I am truly proud of because it highlights the journeys of some remarkable people whom I truly admire.

This past year, more than ever, I have realized something about my work that wasn't clear to me when I started on this journey. My work is about being a catalyst for deeper, more meaningful connections.

I realized that meaningful human connection is the essential spark that ignites our potential. In essence, we become ourselves through connection with others.

Reflecting on the traditional corporate models I had experienced in the past, I have always sensed the suffocation people felt. That's why I have dedicated the last decade to exploring every facet of human interaction, aiming to rekindle the flames of teamwork, relationships, and, ultimately, business success.

As Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism, recently wrote, "We are lonelier than ever because technology steals deep connections through shallow interactions." This is so true. Technology connects us, but it doesn't necessarily nourish us.

Just this morning, I had a conversation with a client from a leadership development program I conducted for a prominent local organization. In our final session, she shared how our journey together brought a new depth to her life. The quality of our connection not only enhanced her thinking and relationships with others but also improved her overall well-being. This is precisely what I strive for – fostering connections that breathe fresh air into the often stagnant spaces within us, sparking the fires of personal and professional success.

As we enter the new year, remember that technology alone isn't enough for humans to thrive. We need something more – something deeper. So, stay tuned for the launch of my new workshop, Campfires of Connection. I am incredibly excited about this project and believe it will be my best yet!


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