Creating Community: Grounded Leadership and Belonging


A friend of mine recently shared a story of how he had moved to a new city and decided to create something that instantly brought him an entire community of amazing friends. He had been living in San Francisco for over a year, and he had spent the weekend alone, feeling disconnected. Monday morning, he heard about a fantastic beach bonfire party that happened over the weekend. He was so bummed out because that was exactly the kind of party he wished he would have been invited to.

And then he had an epiphany. He was just going to start throwing the kind of parties he had always wanted to go to and invite the people he most wanted to connect with.

Apparently, he was really gifted at creating parties because he instantly drew in a bunch of other people who resonated with his ideas. From then on, there was no lack of people to connect with.

What I love about this story is that it reminded me of something I have been thinking about lately:

If you don’t feel like you belong, create a place where you do belong.

Right now, many people are asking, “Who are my people? What is the right place for me?” I will tell you what it is for me, and I wonder if you will relate. I feel lit up by building a community of leaders who want to make a meaningful impact in the world without burning themselves out in the process. Staying grounded and embracing new possibilities.

I am talking about leaders committed to creating a mindset that powerfully impacts how they show up in the world. It is not about working harder or longer; it is about increasing our capacity to be grounded, thoughtful, and intentional in our approach so we can create more impact and value for ourselves, our families, our companies, and other stakeholders (especially society at large). This is possible! Yes, you can lead a fulfilling life and make a meaningful impact!

That is where this train is headed, and I am calling in leaders who know this is the party they want to join. Let me know if this speaks to you.


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