Campfire Lessons for Leaders Book Launch Party

Welcome to the virtual celebration of "Campfire Lessons for Leaders"! Join us for an evening of inspiration, stories, and insightful conversations with special guests from the Virtual Campfire Podcast.

The campfire has been a timeless symbol for building trust, sharing knowledge, and inspiring others. Join us as we recreate this powerful space virtually, sparking meaningful conversations that will leave you motivated and enlightened.

Date & Time:
March 21st, 3:00 pm EST

  • Engaging Conversations: Immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions with featured guests, exploring their life lessons and experiences.
  • Exclusive Insights: Discover behind-the-scenes stories and gain a unique perspective on the book from those who lived it.

Featured Guests:

Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan is the straight-shooting CEO of No Bullshit Marketing, a firm dedicated to cutting through the clutter with clear, effective strategies for home service companies. With years of experience and a passion for real results, Ann leads her team in delivering no-nonsense marketing solutions that drive growth and success for businesses tired of empty promises. Her expertise in demystifying digital marketing makes her a trusted ally for companies looking to make a genuine impact in their market.

Michael O'Brien

Breathe in…Breathe out… It’s time to stress less and Pause Breathe Reflect with Michael O’Brien. Michael is a qualified meditation teacher, executive coach, and endurance athlete. He loves helping people accomplish hard things through mindfulness.

Kelly Wendorf

Raised profoundly connected to nature, Kelly Wendorf is an executive coach, author, and spiritual mentor rooted in global wisdom traditions. With experiences from India to Australia, she's earned acclaim as a 'corporate shaman,' transforming leaders in tech giants and underserved communities. Through her book Flying Lead Change, Kelly champions a transformative narrative, guiding individuals and organizations toward impactful change. She's the visionary behind EQUUS, fostering empathetic leadership for a better world.

Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw is often described as an advocate for self-employed business owners, valued for his actionable, “in the trenches” approach to achieving business and life success. Selling eggs door-to-door at 14 years old led to a lifetime of self-employment. In his twenties, he built and ran a portrait photography business, becoming one of the most sought-after portrait photographers for affluent families in the U.S. His portraits have been on The Oprah Winfrey Show and CBS News, in People and O Magazine, and hang in the halls of Harvard University and The Norman Vincent Peale Center.Today, Jeffrey is the author of LINGO and The Self-Employed Life, founder of the Self-Employed Business Institute, a keynote speaker, and host of The Self-Employed Lif

Panos Panay

Panos A. Panay serves as President for the Recording Academy®. In his role, Panay drives business growth across the entire organization to further expand the service offerings for Academy members and the industry, focusing on identifying new partnerships, global expansion and leveraging new technologies. Prior to joining the Recording Academy, Panay served as the senior vice president for Global Strategy and Innovation at Berklee College of Music and is a fellow at MIT Connection Science. At Berklee, he led the development and execution of the college's overarching strategic plan; founded the Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship; oversaw its campuses in New York City, Valencia (Spain) and Abu Dhabi, as well as the Music + Health and India Exchange Institutes; and steered new partnerships, program development and the incorporation of new technologies. Panay has been recognized in Fast Company's Fast 50, Inc Magazine's Inc 500, Mass Hi-Tech All Stars, and Boston Globe's Game Changers.

Lane Gardner

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Nancy Barrows

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Steve Hoffman

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Jen Guillemin

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Bob Coughlin

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Dolores Hirschmann

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Tatiana Poliakova

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Meet Tony Martignetti,

...the Inspired Coach, a seasoned leadership consultant, and the driving force behind The Virtual Campfire—a captivating space where he unveils the hidden narratives of individuals who command the stage, delivering powerful messages and leaving a lasting impact on the world.

As the host of The Virtual Campfire Podcast, Tony invites you to join him in exploring powerful lessons learned from leaders on their transformation journey. Why the campfire? It represents the earliest form of community, a place where trust is built, knowledge is shared, and inspiration is kindled. In the digital age, The Virtual Campfire continues this tradition, providing a platform for profound conversations.

Tony Martignetti is not just a leadership coach and consultant; he's a dynamic entrepreneur, idea generator, people connector, and curious adventurer. With a blend of practical experience, formal training, and relentless curiosity, Tony elevates leaders and equips them with the tools to navigate change. His passion lies in helping individuals find clarity in their lives, ensuring they are energized, fully present, and unstoppable. When leaders unlock their potential and lead from a place of inspired purpose, they become transformative forces, impacting and inspiring everyone around them. Tony has dedicated himself to guiding people on the journey to live a life of inspired purpose.

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What Readers

Are Saying:

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Inspired Purpose Coaching
Lane Gardner

“Tony’s brilliant book combines inspiring stories, powerful insights, and practical tools as a guide for a new and innovative paradigm on leadership, one that favors curiosity, compassion, and connection over power and pressure. A must-read! ”

Inspired Purpose Coaching
Darcy Eikenberg

“Podcast host and leadership coach Tony Martignetti has created a warm, insightful collection of powerful lessons that every leader needs. If you're looking to inspire your courage and get grounded in your work, Campfire Lessons is for you. ”

Inspired Purpose Coaching
Julia C. Vallone

“Through a diverse range of stories shared on The Virtual Campfire Podcast, Tony invites us to learn from the journeys and experiences of others. He shows us how sometimes the best way to move forward, in our lives or careers, is to take a closer look at the past and the lessons we have learned.I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn and be inspired by an incredible group of leaders! ”

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