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Campfires of Connection offers a transformative workshop tailored for the remote work era. Our sessions concentrate on cultivating profound, authentic connections within teams through both virtual and in-person gatherings known as "Campfires." These sessions serve as a platform for team members to exchange personal stories and experiences, enriching empathy and strengthening community bonds.


Discover the impact of storytelling in leadership. Share your own stories of growth and leadership with our community.

checkpoint.pngThe program leverages insights from Campfire Lessons For Leaders and The Virtual Campfire Podcast.

checkpoint.pngThese Interactive sessions are an opportunity for leaders and teams to connect deeply, share insights, and strengthen relationships.

checkpoint.png Deepen your insights with exclusive Campfire Lessons follow-up materials. Expect extra stories from powerful leaders and other resources to enhance your own journey.



Inspiration through honest conversation

I am Tony Martignetti, a leadership coach and advisor, entrepreneur, author, podcast host, people connector, and a curious adventurer. I combine practical experience, in-depth training, and extreme curiosity, to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate change.

Fueled by my passion in guiding individuals to discover clarity in their lives, I am dedicated to empowering them to feel energized, fully present, and unstoppable in whatever they pursue. I firmly believe that when leaders tap into their potential and lead with inspired purpose, they  influence and inspire others. I am committed to guiding people to live and lead a life of inspired purpose.

Leveraging insights from my book Campfire Lessons for Leaders and the Virtual Campfire Podcast, my work for Campfires of Connection aims to provide leaders and teams with a platform to connect deeply, share insights and strengthen relationships.

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